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Keysight 无线综测仪E6607C

概述与特性 资料库


Integrated Multiport enables efficient Multi-DUT test

  • Integrated multiport provides for parallel receiver test / fast switched transmitter test making effective use of test equipment resources

  • Lower cost, smaller footprint, lower power consumption verses use of external multiport adapter

  • Fully compatible with software written for E6607A / E6607B for seamless integration in manufacturing

  • Add external display, mouse, and keyboard, for full manual control and functionality equivalent to E6607B & MPA

Anticipate your wireless device manufacturing test needs

  • Benefit from an architecture that is optimized for lower-cost next generation non-signaling test

  • Add multi-format standards-based calibration and verification test support as needed for LTE TDD/FDD, HSPA+, W-CDMA, 1xEV-DO, cdma2000®, GSM, EDGE-Evo, TD-SCDMA, WiMAXTM, Bluetooth®, GPS/GNSS, and more

  • Ensure your test system is future proof due to its modern, scalable architecture

Accelerate test development

  • Ensure seamless transition from NPI to production with proven X-Series analyzer measurements science

  • Simplify signal creation to synchronize, control, and test your wireless device with Signal Studio software

  • Streamline test plan creation and troubleshooting in a graphical interface with Sequence Studio software

  • Reduce time to volume manufacturing with Chipset Software to optimize device calibration and verification

Achieve fast and accurate measurements

  • Maximize throughput with fast-sequenced, non-signaling test modes for modern chipsets

  • Speed up your test plan in sequence analyzer mode with single acquisition, multiple measurements

  • Increase your production yield with superior measurement accuracy

  • Cost effective integrated Multiport Adapter with metrology grade precision and balancing


Transforming manufacturing test

Improve your ROI while getting your next generation cellular devices to market faster

The Keysight Technologies E6607C (EXT-C) wireless communications test set has the capability you need to achieve high throughput test of your complex cellular devices with an effective investment of capital. In today’s competitive environment you cannot afford to pay for idle test equipment resources. With its integrated multiport capability the EXT-C makes optimum use of the integrated VSA/VSG with parallel receiver and fast switched transmitter testing.

The EXT-C is a one-box, non-signaling test set that integrates an innovative test sequencer, vector signal analyzer (VSA), vector signal generator (VSG) and a precision multiport adapter. The EXT-C includes eight bi-directional input/output ports for multi-format cellular testing, and four output ports for GNSS testing. Fast, standards-compliant measurements and modulation analysis capabilities are based on the proven measurement algorithms of the Keysight X-Series signal analyzers.

With the fast and accurate measurements, and flexible sequencer techniques of the E6607B (EXT-B), the EXT-C works to lower your cost of test with a lower cost integrated multi-port solution that provides additional benefits of reduced foot print and reduced power consumption.

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